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For the last few years the Parish has participated in the community speed watch programme, members of the parish council are posted in areas around the village to monitor the speed of vehicles passing through. We also have fixed speed monitors, these record the speed of vehicles passing through the designated zone and log the data. All speed watch statistics are then sent on a monthly basis to Durham police who will look at the data to see if the village warrants a police mobile speed enforcement team sending in. As a general rule there is very little speeding in the village, a low percentage of vehicles break the speed limit but we still feel it's something worth monitoring. This data can also be used in the forthcoming speed calming measures due to be implemented in the village in the next two years on Roundhill Road and Croft Road, this data will show the best type and the best place for traffic calming. You can view all previous speedwatch data in our document archive. PLEASE NOTE: often when a vehicle has been logged doing "60mph at 2am through the village" this is usually a blue light emergency vehicle and not a regular motorist. 

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