Current Hurworth Parish Councillors:

Graham Wylie (Chairman)


Primarily deals with: Website, Guestbook, Noticeboards, Hurworth Community Association and Allotments

Janine Forster

11 Church Row Hurworth DL2 2AQ

Primarily deals with: Parish Walks

Peter Foster

End View Cottage, Hurworth Moor. DL2 1QJ

Primarily deals with: Trees

Elaine Hedley

43. Westfield Drive, Hurworth. DL2 2ET

Primarily deals with: Speedwatch, Chronicle, Highways and Darlington Parish Councils Association

Dorothy Oughton

43 Emerson Road, Hurworth DL2 2AW

Primarily deals with: Dog Fouling, Speedwatch, Police and Security Liaison Officer, Highways

and Darlington Parish Councils Association

Amanda Oughton


Primarily deals with: Police Liaison and Security

Lynn Wylie


Primarily deals with: Open Spaces, EPICH and Noticeboards

Bree Stamp


Primarily deals with: School Liaison, Youth Liaison Representative and Press Officer 

Sam Ring-Viney


Primarily deals with: Planning Matters and parish Walks

David Crisp


Primarily deals with: Allotments and Village Hall Committee

Peter Willis


Primarily deals with Paths, Roads and Speeding

Kelvin Russell


Primarily deals with Youth Affairs and Community Events

Darlington Borough Councillors:

Lorraine Tostevin Stone Gables, Norton Back Road, Sadberge. DL2 1SO Conservative

Christy Chou. Hurworth. Conservative