Community Spirit 
Below are examples of people who have supported the village or have taken time to go the extra time for Hurworth Parish.

Last Autumn, residents of Strait Lane decided to work together to provide a beautiful seasonal floral display in whisky barrels on the green opposite each of their houses. 

This initiative came about in response to a problem with cars parking on the green and causing damage, especially in the winter, leaving big ruts in the grass; residents had also witnessed vehicles being driven across the green, causing further damage.

Permissions were obtained from Darlington Borough Council and HPC. Tony Jones procured and placed the whisky barrels (which arrived with an amazing aroma). Residents then filled the barrels, using their own money, with their choice of flowers and now the barrels are filled with colourful spring flowers which cheer residents and passers-by alike, and hopefully lift everyone’s spirits during this unprecedented period of our lives.

Proud residents show off their floral barrels.

In addition to the upkeep of the flowers, with the suspension of DBC carrying out grass cutting and maintenance, Tony Jones, Kev and Emma Richards have also cleaned up the edges of the road and have been cutting the grass; all whilst maintaining social distancing of course! 

This is a great community project, with one resident adding that ‘it has made a big difference to the outlook for all of the residents, and we feel privileged to live in a village where the sense of community is so strong’.

Liv Baker has dedicated her time and efforts setting up a fantastic group helping Hurworth Community and the vulnerable to get through these worrying times.
As our own business hung on a cliff edge, we reminded ourselves how fortunate we were. We were healthy, happy and if need be, could start again. Our concern was for our staff and all those who found themselves vulnerable as a result of the pandemic.
I dropped a few notes through local resident's doors initially. There was a lot of offers to help online, but I was worried this would not reach those who did not have access to social media or the internet.

After printing hundreds of leaflets and asking for help, I soon had an army pounding the pavements delivering leaflets.
Many phone calls were to thank us and people who just wanted a friendly chat. This led onto regular shopping. The offers of help poured in. People's kindness has been truly inspiring.

To keep volunteers safe, we are trying to set designated days for them to shop, so they are not compromising themselves or the people we are assisting.
We have also received many food donations ready to help those in financial difficulty.
Without the support of this Wonderfull Community, this would not have got off the ground

I thank each and everyone of our volunteers and those that have offered their help, donated food or just offered words of support.
Our company is now supplying essential supplies direct to the NHS which has secured many jobs.

This is a very difficult time for us all, but we have gained so much from setting up this group. We have gained life long friends and links to this wonderful village. My children have had first hand experience of helping others, which is the best life lesson.
I will always remember and always be grateful

Hurworth Heroes supporting front line workers


Like so many of us during this pandemic I have sat aghast, working from home, kids schooling at home feeling like I was in some kind of twilight zone or Hollywood film as the reality of COVID-19 became more and more apparent. A very dear friend of mine is a Nurse at Darlington Memorial and I wanted to help her in some way, so joined a Facebook group of North East Sewers who were sewing items for NHS front line workers, for inspiration and made her two uniform bags as I knew her husband was leaving the washing machine door open for her to put her uniform in, praying that the virus was not being brought back from work, into their own home. On 12th April, I shared the information about this regional sewing group on Hurworth Live and want to say….. the rest is history.


It is now Monday 20th April. The photos show my kitchen this morning, 30 uniform bags with handmade thank you notes in, just waiting for a thank you sticker, which is arriving this morning, as we have gone through 100 in as many days, and these are being gifted too. There is a bag full of pairs of hearts to go to the hospital to be shared with patients and their families to try to bridge the gap of togetherness, as they cannot be together whilst being treated and cared for at Darlington Memorial. There is a bag of uniform bags and ear savers (stop the face masks from rubbing on ears) going to our own Drs surgery today too and a bag of duvets and sheets that a lovely lady has offered to cut up to help our sewers keep sewing as we have used all of the pillowcases already.


This is the end of seven days which must have seen delivery from our amazing villagers of at least 20 bags of bedding to be used as material. We have provided and delivered 200 uniform bags already, plus the 30 bags I have mentioned, so in 7 days, our growing band of amazing and talented sewers, which is now 19 lovely ladies,  have made 230 uniform bags, 25 pairs of hearts and they just keep on going.


Children and families have made us dozens and dozens of thank you notes to go in with bags, people have provided labels, stickers, cord for the bags, sandwich bags, pedal bin bags, the generosity of people is and continues to be overwhelming, I cry daily at the support, warmth and community spirit.


The bags have already gone to: carers; support workers; care homes; an infant feeding team; District Nurses; maternity units in Middlesbrough and Darlington; radiology/radiographers; Darlington Memorial; James Cook Hospital; the Friarige and Rockcliffe Court Surgery; all through Hurworth Live and our wonderful villagers.


Everybody wants to give something back and many are loving having a new sense of purpose, it is good for the body and mind, especially during lockdown which can be so isolating and lonely for many and some have very personal reasons behind their motivation to offer support, but all are smiling, thankful and just keep going. Everybody wants to feel like they have done something, anything, and this is a wonderful way to make a difference and support the amazing front line workers who are working so hard to care, protect and save lives. People have felt helpless and hopeless as the grave situation has unfolded nationally, but the way the people of this village have come together is simply wonderful. The whole village is behind this movement, and we are all so proud to be part of it. Hurworth Heroes, hold your heads up high, long may it last.


Be Safe, be kind and please look out for your neighbours.

Tracie Jacobs 



Our local businesses have once again risen to the challenge and shown outstanding generosity to support the raffle organised by my fabulous team of Covid-19 helpers in Hurworth.  


It has become apparent that hand creams are still very much needed by carers, despite the supplies donated by so many people already.  The PPE and increased hand washing are really taking their toll on skin as the weeks go by. 


We really wanted to be able to add hand creams in to the bags we are providing to carers (production of these bags is being admirably headed up by Hurworth’s Tracie Jacobs).

In stepped….. the ‘Hurworth Covid-19 Massive’ (as I affectionately call them) with a raffle to raise valuable funds to support this!  


50% of the funds raised will be donated to our fantastic local Hospice, St Teresa’s, who provide invaluable support across this region to those affected by life-limiting illnesses.  Their fund raising has been decimated by the pandemic so anything we can do to enable their life-changing services to continue can only be a good thing!


Lyn Hatch, who works at St T’s Hospice is heading up the raffle and shared with our support team that within minutes of the Facebook post going live, she was sent a donation by a local resident who wanted no tickets in return.  This is another reason why I love this community; this extraordinary time is eliciting so many wonderful acts of kindness each day!


The Facebook post elicited further generous offers of prizes, which have been hugely appreciated.  We will continue to add to the raffle to make it the biggest and best it can be, to raise as much money as we can for these causes!  


We welcome requests from carers who need the hand creams in their places of work.


If you would like tickets (£5 each), please contact Lyn on 07890 1515357 or  The draw will take place on 1st May at 2pm; winners will be notified individually.


The biggest thank you to all those who have supported us!  Here is a bit about each of them:


Stan Seaton Photography

Prize donated: photo shoot and framed 12x 10 print 


Local photography duo Stan Seaton and Jane Miller will be familiar names to many who have experienced their wonderful work or had the pleasure of working with them.  Do take a look at their online presence to see their stunning work! Based on Duke Street, they are avid supporters of local charities and events, always keen to give back to the communities in which they work.

“As a local business it is great to see the community all pull together and give our support to those working so hard on the frontline and especially the invaluable work of St Teresa’s, which is needed more than ever at this time”.


Pilates with Hazel

Prize donated: £100 voucher which can be used towards classes, retreats or 1-1 sessions


Hurworth resident and former Primary School teacher, Hazel Commane, transformed her business overnight as the pandemic started, to ensure she could keep her clients moving during lockdown.  Classes continue using ‘Zoom’ and she has also posted free exercise on Hurworth Live’s page to support those with aches and pains due to home working- or too much gardening! 

She says: “I want to cheer on our carers and let them know how much we appreciate them - and the hospice staff too. THANK YOU! You are amazing!”


Oxford Garage

Prize donated: £50 voucher towards MOT or valet (winner’s choice)


This local name, operating since 2002 in Hurworth, needs no introduction!  Known for their generosity around our community, they are the friendly faces of motoring.  Kieron (Senior) acknowledges that without his loyal customers, he wouldn’t be there and is very thankful for that support.  He is happy to help in any way he can at this current time.


art & soul

Prize donated: Print of one of their beautiful images: ‘Daisy’


art & soul is a family-run business based in Middleton St George. Mikey is the creative one who paints all the artwork and Shiromi deals with admin, social media and marketing. 

The artwork is sold in the Pop-Up Shop in Yarm, where art & soul can normally be found once a month, plus at other local craft fairs and events. During lockdown Mikey is busy painting lots of new artwork.


“We are very happy to donate a prize to the raffle. It is a great idea to support our key workers in such a practical way as hand cream. St Teresa's Hospice does an amazing work locally and needs our support now more so than ever.”


Tropic Skincare

Local resident and employee of St Teresa’s Hospice, Lyn Hatch, started selling this freshly made, cruelty free British range last year as a way to raise funds for St T’s.  For almost two decades, she worked in manufacturing, chiefly in the chemical industry, however the death of her mum in a Hospice in 2018 prompted her to resign and seek employment in the palliative care sector, such was the life-changing impact of the care her family saw during her Mum’s final days.  Tropic’s products are clean, green and ethical and as a company they make a real difference around the world via their support for education.  Tropic continue to operate throughout this period and orders can be placed at  Each purchase helps the work of St Teresa’s Hospice as well as the charity United World Schools.


Bottle of Champagne

Donated by myself – I wanted to contribute in some small way to this fundraising, which is so important right now and will do so much good.  Please support us in any way you can.  A share is just as important as a ticket purchase!


Since the launch of the raffle, the following have also kindly come forward to donate prizes – thank you!


  • Hurworth Fisheries – meal for two of choice

  • Oscars Barbers – golden ticket for the first hair cut when the salon re opens (priceless prize)

  • Cocoon Beauty - £30 voucher for use in the salon

  • Jo Hamilton – NHS Nurse and aesthetic practitioner in anti wrinkle injections & dermal fillers





Contact 07890 1515357 or