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Broadband Update

Councillor Tostevin provided further information regarding the Super-fast 

broadband in the village. Please see the update below:



  1. Hurworth pdf  by Digital Durham    (the maps we requested from Openreach Digital Durham in Oct but received beginning of Dec 2019)


  1. The map we create by DBC and myself based on Openreach information Open Market Review 2019 and what we know as build (by NYNET in 2015) (shown at meeting)


  1. The List of Postcodes and premises not covered by any programmes (gaps to apply for to Rural Gigabit Vouchers asap)  or taking forward by Openreachs commercial Programmes for Ultrafast 300mb plus (map in yellow) 


Rural Gigabit Voucher application aggregation suggestion (as in Spreadheet):    


a) Hurworth Place  HP  ( b) Croft Road West End  HV West  c) Hurworth Village North HVN  d) Neasham East e) Newbus Grange


I would urge those premises in this areas to aggregate and apply for the Rural Gigabit Voucher scheme

Walking News
The new walking Councillor, Sam Ring-Viney, wants your help in creating popular walks around the local area. Please fill in the form below detailing parts of the area you would like to explore, preferred time of day/ day of week and the length of walk that you would like to do; from this detail we will create new walks to suit people's requests.
It's that time of year where the potholes start to develop, or become worse as the winter takes hold.
Residents can contact Darlington Borough Council directly, and will come out to repair them.
If a pothole on a road is less than 40mm deep or 20mm on a footpath - it will not be repaired.
There is a contact number 01325 405222
or for further information, look at their website:

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