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Update from Hurworth Grange
The Grange will be 'manned'; from Monday to Friday from 10:30am until 12:30pm each day. All the indoor facilities are closed. The tenants still have access and are working there.
New Parish Council Logo design
We are asking the residents to come up with a new logo.
Click on the current logo below for more details
A message from The Village Pharmacy:

The Pharmacy at Rockliffe Court will be open on Good Friday and Easter Monday


from 2-5 pm for NHS Dispensing and over the counter sales.


This should reduce the number of villagers who would need to travel into town for a Pharmacy Service

Due to the Coronavirus spreading across the UK, you might need to check on events in and around the village to see if they're still going ahead. 
For people who need to self-isolate, then local residents are offering to pick up essential items for elderly, and the contact for these people can be found via Facebook, the link is:
Also, you can contact the Council if you require any assistance.
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