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In 2017 the government published a white paper, offering huge incentives to local councils to get building more houses. The local authorities were instructed to be lenient on current planning lines, use all types of land and put up as many houses as possible. For every house that goes up the local council receives government funding under the 'affordable housing scheme'. As a result of this in late 2017 and early 2018 a nationwide spate of planning applications were passed in places that it was previously unthinkable to build on. Many, many people have profited from this scheme but at the expense of expansion. Councils across the UK have taken advantage of out of date local plans and extended the planning boundaries previously set in place. While some might argue to the opposite, Hurworth has actually been very lucky in this mass UK housing expansion as only 200 houses have been applied for so far, while many surrounding areas such as Middleton St. George, Heighington, Yarm and Newton Aycliffe have seen the passing of planning applications for thousands of extra houses. in early 2017 the Parish council set up a committee to work on the new neighbourhood plan, this will, when complete be added to the borough councils local plan and will essentially set the planning lines for Hurworth for the next 10 years. Updates on the plan are posted in the minutes of each monthly meeting. The Parish councillors working with the committee are Cllr. Nic Prior, Cllr. Graham Wylie and Cllr. Richard Lawley