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Every month Councillors Janine Forster and Sam Ring-Viney put together a walk along the public footpaths of the Parish. These walks are led by volunteers who endeavour to keep the group together for an enjoyable walk; a back person may be appointed to be the last of the group. If a walker plans to leave the group before the end of the walk, can they please inform the leader, or back person. It is advised that strong walking boots/ shoes are worn, and as grass can be long and nettles/ thistles can be high, it is advised that long trousers are worn and arms covered. This is a community venture where walkers come at their own risk. Hurworth Parish Council accepts no responsibility for any loss, damage or injury to walkers taking part in these events.

Any queries, please contact Janine Forster on 07712652645,

Walking News

Public Rights of Way


As people are still allowed to exercise once a day, a lot of people are having a stroll through and around the village. One of the Parish Council’s roles is to keep all the pathways open, and they do this by organising walks, which get documented, and this is proof that they are still being walked; this ensures that the route retains it’s ‘Right of Way’!


Unfortunately, due to Covid-19 the Parish Council walks have had to cancelled indefinitely, resulting in the Council not knowing if all the Parish paths are being walked, and this is where the good support from the residents comes in. 


If you have walked one of the footpaths on the map, then please quickly write a comment below; something as brief as, “walked footpath 15, on 6th April 2020” is enough for the Parish Council to prove that the footpaths are being walked, as well as keeping a record of them being walked.


Unfortunately, if the paths aren’t walked, especially the ‘off the beaten track’ walks, then we could lose that ‘Right of Way’.


Thanks, and stay safe.