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Hurworth Duck Race 2022

Hurworth Duck Race 21st August 12.00pm

This year’s event has been slightly changed. The ducks will start off around 12.00pm at the Ringfield, accompanied by Handel’s Water Music. Once the ducks are released, they will take about 30 minutes to get to the Steel Bridge, opposite the Otter and Fish.

Unfortunately, it looks like the bridge will be closed on the day (it’s not a public right of way). So, this year Peter Allan has kindly agreed to let us use the bottom of his garden next to the river.

I have strimmed a small pathway through to the river, which you can use to pass through to Peter’s garden. Also, you can watch the ducks at the old ford, which is a right or way. If you are brave enough, you can even cross the river at this point, and watch from the other side.

After the race, at the Grange Community Centre, there’ll be a band, food van and hopefully a bouncy castle. As well as this, the bar will be open for people to have a lovely afternoon.

Any questions, please ask.

The event will take place on 21st August, starting at 12.00pm from the Ringfield.
The ducks will finish at The Steel Bridge, opposite the Otter and Fish.
The money is being raised for Hurworth Albion Football Club. They provide a fantastic opportunity for the youngsters of the village to be part of a successful winning club.

After the duck race, they'll be the fantastic band named DVD ( playing and a food van where you can chill out with a drink from the Grange Bar and find out who the lucky winners are.

For further information, please click onto the Just Giving Page below:

To view details of last year's event, click on the link below:
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