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Hurworth Parish Elections 2023

The Parish Council Elections are coming up in May 2023.

This is a great opportunity for residents to step up and make a difference for Hurworth.

There are a lot of roles that will need filling, or you could suggest a role, that you have a passion for, which you think Hurworth could benefit from.

The following roles are available:

Looking after the website. This gets updated regularly with new information, events and Parish Council Business. Home | hurworth-online (

The big notice boards are great way to advertise events within the parish. You design the posters and the council use an online printing company who send the posters to a nominated address, then they just need putting into the cabinets.

The Parish Chronicle, is delivered to every household and is created 2 or 3 times a year. This needs someone to collate the information, and to send it to the printers ready for print.

Parish Walks are an important social occasion for the village, and can be arranged with the support of the council, and can include refreshments and maps etc. You can arrange the walks as many times as you want, the time and date you want, and arrange the route too.

Youth activities are a must, and it would be good for someone to join the council who has a passion for working with the youngsters, creating clubs, activities and trying to keep them engaged in their free time.

For more information, or a chat, call the clerk Tuesdays between 10.00 and 2.00 or email the Parish Council on:

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